Think Falkon Systems.

Think Communication.


Falkon Systems is an ecosystem composed of a suite of products, that are combined to provide specific solutions across industries in making business communication seamless. We empower organizations to make their legacy
networks efficient and increase their workforce productivity.

Help us create a utopia for you with Falkon Systems: Enable Direct routing for MS Teams or any PBX with Falkon VoIP and experience quality calls at better prices. With Falkon SMS, send and receive texts from your existing landline or MS Teams number and never lose a business opportunity.



Falkon SMS

An application-based messaging platform to make landlines smarter. By text-enabling your existing landline, VoIP or MS Teams number without any change to the current hardware and voice services, you can send and receive text messages.

All of this at affordable pricing, starting at $39.99/month! Excited?

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Falkon Voip-01.png


Falkon VoIP

Connect your existing voice systems to MS Teams and experience smoother calls at inexpensive rates. Get more out of MS Teams by Migrating to Direct Routing for MS Teams environment using Falkon VoIP.

Reach out for seamless integration between your existing infrastructure and Teams. Starting from $14.99/month!


Our experts can help you easily set up your complete communication infrastructure. With our state-of-the-art Falkon products integrated into your system, you can drive your revenue by improving customer satisfaction. 

For smoother onboarding and better results, we recommend you talk to our technical experts and get all the necessary information and a deeper understanding of the Falkon ecosystem before you can make the right decision.